Yes, it's been hard keeping that particular secret. :^)

We'll have more to say on this -- like an official press release -- over
the coming week.


Ross Lazarus wrote:
> Now here's something readers of this list might be interested in ...
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> Subject: PythonLabs Team Moves to Digital Creations
> Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 20:42:42 -0500
> From: Guido van Rossum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> To all Python users and developers:
> Less than half a year ago, I moved with my team to, in the
> hope of finding a new permanent home for Python development.  At
> BeOpen, we've done several good things for Python, such as moving the
> Python and Jython development process to SourceForge, and the
> successful release of Python 2.0.
> Unfortunately,'s original plans for PythonLabs didn't work
> out as hoped, and we weren't able to reach mutual agreement on
> workable alternative plans -- despite trying for months.
> I am proud to have found a new home for my entire team: starting
> today, Tim Peters, Barry Warsaw, Jeremy Hylton, Fred Drake and myself
> are working for Digital Creations.  We will be spending part of our
> time on core Python development (including Jython and Mailman) and
> part of our time on Python infrastructure improvements that also
> benefit Zope.
> Python will remain Open Source; Digital Creations has no desire to
> monetize or brand the Python language or specific Python
> distributions.  All future work we do on Python as Digital Creations
> employees will be owned by a non-profit organization yet to be
> created.  We think of this new organization as the Python Software
> Foundation.  In the meantime (while the PSF is under construction) I
> will own such copyrights personally.
> We're excited to be working for Digital Creations: they are one of the
> oldest companies active in the Python community, one of the companies
> most committed to Python, and they have a great product!  Plus, we
> know they have deep financial backing.  We trust that Digital
> Creations will provide a stable home for Python for many years.
> Digital Creations has also offered to take over hosting of the
> and starship sites.  On behalf of the Python community,
> we're grateful for this support of the two prime community sites for
> Python, and we expect to be implementing the transitions shortly.
> These are exciting times for the PythonLabs team -- and also for
> Python and its community.  Mainstream successes for Python are showing
> up everywhere, and we're proud to be a part of such a smart and
> friendly community.  A great year lies ahead!
> --Guido van Rossum (home page:
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