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Turhan Arun writes:
 > Now my problem is as
 > follows
 > I have to use
 > Zope Application Server on SUN
 > iPlanet Web Server
 > Oracle 8.1.6 Database server
 > Would you help me about configuring these? I am having problems and you are
 > my only source.

You have 2 subproblems: interfacing Zope with iPlanet and
interfacing Zope with Oracle 8.1.6.

1. Unfortunately, I do not know iPlanet.
   You may search "zope.org" for "iPlanet" (maybe, you
   find a HowTo). There is also a searchable archive
   of this mailing list at NIP (to be found via
   "zope.org -> Resources -> Mailing Lists").

   If you are unlucky, you must explore a bit yourself.
   "doc/WEBSERVERS.txt" (a file in the Zope distribution)
   is a good starting point.

   Although, it mainly speaks about Apache (and does not
   mention iPlanet), the "pcgi" connection will work with
   any webserver that supports CGI. It will work
   with "iPlanet".

   There might be some problems with the propagation
   of authentication information.
   You may decide to let iPlanet do all authentication 
   and let Zope unprotected or you might need to
   learn how to configure iPlanet to pass authentication

   You may want to screen the iPlanet documentation, whether
   it supports proxy mode. In this mode, iPlanet would
   relay (some) requests to another web server (Zope
   in your case). This would be more efficient than

2. We use Zope with Oracle 8.1.6.
   We use DC's DCOracle and ZOracleDA (latest version!
   it has a beta in its version number!).

   It works satisfactory with the exception of LOB support.
   DC is working on improvements but the project is not
   externally funded, progress seems to be slow.

   Some days ago, someone in the list has reported a package
   that can be used to work around the LOB restrictions
   (if you know the LOB type).
   Search the list archive to locate the article (search
   for "DCOracle and BLOB").


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