hello everybody,

I am new with Zope and I don't know Python.
I want to use Zope with PostgreSQL.
I have installed PoPy-1.2.1 and compiled the module PoPymodule.so.
I have also installed ZPoPyDA.0.7 in /lib/python/Products/ZPoPyDA/.
My problem is I don't know if I have to compile the Phyton files in ZPoPyDA ?
I have tried, and some errors appeared :

when compiling __init__.py :
        ImportError: No module named Globals
when compiling PoPy_db.py :
        The PoPy module is old: Update your version of PoPy

So, I tried to install PoPy-1.3.6, but I failed!

Is there someone who could help me ??? :-(

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