Chris Withers wrote:

> > 1. I have some dtml tags to  add new acl_users sent by Daniel .But role
> >
> > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('name', login_name)">
> > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('password', password)">
> > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('confirm', confirm)">
> > <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('roles', roles)">
> > <dtml-call "acl_users.manage_users(submit='Add', REQUEST=REQUEST)">
> Not really sure what you're trying to do here. It soudns like you're
> trying to add new users to an acl_users folder. Not sure why you need
> all those REQUEST.set's, why not just pass them as keyword arguments to
> manage_users?

It is _probably_ because it was given as an example somewhere.
'Cuz I did the same thing. In my case those values are coming
from a form with a lot of other stuff as well.

My question that is similar to this is:
Is there any reason why an acl_user folder cannot be added to the
instance of a ZClass that is subclassed from OFS:Folder & Catalog
Aware? I tried putting it in the ZClass itself. It doesn't show
up. But if I try to manually add it to an instance I get an error
saying that one already exists. 

A few days ago ethan (I think) said that they used a BTreeFolder
for the Zope.Org user folder.  Is this a _modified_ BTreeFolder?
I thought there were some parts of the security mechanism that
was part of acl_user folders?

Inquiring minds......

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