I have read a lot about the Apache/Zope/FastCGI configuration in this
 list. However, I just wonder if anyone have tried having a FastCGI
 Server behind ZOPE behind Apache?
 My problem is I have a Apache/Zope site (using proxypass) running for
 quite some time. And I'm very happy with it. However, until recently,
 I want to integrate some of my old FastCGI programs into my site.
 Those FastCGI programs works fine with Apache using mod_fcgi 2.2.8.
 However, I'd like to make ZOPE act as the middleman so that I can
 further process the results return from the FastCGI program before
 publishing to the web. Also, to prevent people from accessing the
 FastCGI services directly by modifying URLs on their browsers.
 web -> httpd -> zope -> fastcgi
 - Nick

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