>My experiences have been with BBEdit 5.x, has anyone tried BBEdit 
>6.x with DTML?

I've used BBEdit 6.0 for occasional Zope use, and haven't really 
noticed a difference against version 5.x for editing DTML - but then 
again, I haven't been looking.

The *really* annoying problem with BBEdit 6.0 is that it doesn't 
respect FTP ports - it assumes the FTP server will be on port 21 - 
whereas 5.x would let you do zope.nipltd.com:8021 style server names, 
and did respect the port.

I mailed BBEdit technical support and they replied:

>  > Is there some way to get BBEdit 6.0 to respect the port number for FTP?
>No, and BBEdit 5.1 is not designed to do this either. IF it worked in 5.1
>this was purely by accident. The FTP tool in BBEdit currently only connect
>to the standard ftp port.
>If you need to connect to non-standard ports you should consider Anarchie,
>NetFinder or Transmit all of which support "Edit in BBEdit: for easy
>editing of files located on ftp servers. We may provide support for this
>in a future release but I can not speculate as to when this might be
>available (or promise that it will be).

So, looks like BBEdit 5.x will be on my hard disk for sometime to come :-(

(the two versions of BBEdit seem to coexist OK, I've even had both 
running at the same time).

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