"Stefan H. Holek" wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Gregory Haley wrote:
> > i was one of the participants in the recent discussion of zope bulk
> > mail.  i'm wondering about the mechanics of sending the work of the mail
> > to the actual sendmail server outside of zope.  would i do that by
> > creating an external method which is program/script that accepts the
> > data from zope and then passes them to the mail server?  any suggestions
> > or details would be most appreciated.
> got me ;) I have not done this myself (yet), and I have firtshand
> knowledge of majordomo list management only. but I could think of
> something like this:
> a) very simple
> create a mailing list in your listmanager and have zope send the email to
> the list's address. voila, the rest is taken care of by the listmanager.
> b) a bit more involved
> if your addressee list changes (you create it on the fly with zope
> somehow) you could pass that list to the listmanager before sending email
> to it. in majordomo, a mailing list is simply a textfile containing a line
> for each subscriber's email address. make an external function to create
> that file and proceed like in a).
> HTH,
> Stefan

i've been thinking about bulk mailing in zope recently, one easy thing
to do is to change MailHost to use a persistent mail connection (i've
already submitted this as a patch to the Collector, if you're interested
email me), this should provide some marginal improvements. Another
method that should increase both speed and reliability is to directly
inject the mail into a relay smtp server's mail queue. this is
definitely mail server dependent but offers the greatest performance
gains and is capable of scaling and greater reliabiltiy (dependent on
mailserver). usings lists is a valid solution but it doesn't get at the
core question of how to send more mail messages from zope quickly and



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