Pete Prodoehl schrieb:
> We want to deploy across 50+ sites. (Since it's open source, we'd spend our
> money on customization/development rather than licensing fees.)
> We'd prefer a browser based administration system. (Zope's already got a
> very good one.)

Yes, its very good, but could be better. Its currently too hard wired I
> Some questions I have are:
> How well does Zope integrate applications/cgi's written in ASP, Cold Fusion,
> Perl, etc...? As we've got a number of things we'd prefer to keep as is, and
> run alongside Zope.

Nope. You should take the chance to reimplement them. You get better
and much cleaner solutions (better to maintain and more secure) then any
of the
mentioned solutions allow. Many things are better done completely
different in 

> How does Zope deal with serving virtual domains off of a single NT box? What
> approach would that require?

There are several options. One of it is site-access (product at
You can also server different instances of zope off the same server
different ports and apache or squid in front as dispatcher)
> Zope looks like a really nice platform, any real-world evaluations would be
> most appreciated...

We are currently implementing a light CMS. So stay tuned... ;)

Tino Wildenhain

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