To expand on Peterson's idea, this is what I've used to test java script
and cookies.  Instructions at the top of the page instruct the user to
reload to get accurate readings (for cookies) see:
A page I'm working on to trouble shoot user problems when using our
library proxy service.  There is a hidden input in the if statement of
the javascript, I have not tested to see if it sets that value every
time the page loads or not anyway.  One problem with the trouble
shooting page is user's cache settings and when to reload pages.  The
actions for the submit buttons have not been created yet.

      <b>Are Cookies enabled:</b>
         <dtml-if expr="RESPONSE.setCookie('uname','test', expires=
(ZopeTime() + (1.0/102.0)))"></dtml-if>
   <td valign=bottom>
      <dtml-if "REQUEST.has_key('uname')">
         <FONT COLOR='GREEN'><b>YES, You Do Have Cookies Enabled</b>
         <input type=hidden name=cookieyes value=t size=24>
         <FONT COLOR='RED'><b>NO, Your browser is not accepting
         <input type=hidden name=cookieyes value=f size=24>
    <b>Is Javascript enabled:</b>
  <td valign=bottom>
    <FONT COLOR="RED"><B>NO, Your browser is not Javascript
    Proxy resources require JavaScript.</FONT>
    <script language="JavaScript">
    if (cookieString.indexOf("Test=Success") != -1) {
       document.write("<FONT COLOR='GREEN'><B>YES, You Do Have
Javascript enabled</B></FONT><input type=hidden name=javayes value=t


PS. Is there a way to read the client's proxy setting directly?

Daniel Rusch wrote:
> Hey all,
> Is there a way from zope to check to see if a user has Javascript
> enabled????
> Thanks,
> Dan
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