Hi all.

Supose you are saving z2.log on a mounted disk, either nfs linux or a WinNT 
cluster network name. If for some seconds that mounted disk became 
unavailable, isnt supose ZServer log system to buffer a little until the 
mounted resource became available again?
I'm dealing with the problem that z2.log "write system" on NT are giving me 
a IOError when the resource becames unavailable for some seconds.

If there isnt anything already to fix this, wouldnt be good if ZServer 
buffer a "little" until the resource became available and in the case the 
resource just completelly cease to be then ZServer just stop to write logs, 
instead of killing the process raising the exception?

I know what you are thinking: just dont permit the resource to became 
unavailable dude! But supose you have active-passive resources in case of 
fail down and you need some seconds to automatically or by hand(not the 
case) fix the resource, wouldnt be nice for ZSERVER to, for instance, stop 

Maybe this should not be addressed to Zope Log writes. Maybe
this is more a system administration issue but...

Thanx anyway for some comments.

Júlio Dinis Silva
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