Tiago Antão wrote:
> Hi!
>   We're considering using zope for a somewhat large project:
>     It's a VPN for arround 10.000 institutions ( >100.000 users expected,
> up to 1.500.000 users possible, but not likely). Hundreds of simultaneous
> connections expected.
>     The database has to support >100.000 users and a LOT of content (more
> than 1000 virtual hosts, along with a very big main site).
>   The question is: Is zope up to this?

Depends, would your site(s) be read-intensive, or write-intensive?

If  the former, it should hold fine (depending on how it is set up, of
course), if the latyter, you may look into combining Zope with a
seperate SQL server to hold write-intensive data. With ~1.5M users, 

The question is more related, from what I can tell of your situation, to
how many users at a time will be connected, and how 'dynamic' the
content is.

Without more detail, I can't really answer much better. 

If you have the hardware:
 o a dedicated SQL server to hold member authentication data
 o a dedicated ZSS, or two running in failover
 o multiple ZEO Clients to support end-users, preferably behind
   some Linux Virtual Server failover/load balancing setups

That should be able to handle pretty much what you describe with ease.


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