Hi, just some quick pointers (I'm in a hurry...)

refer to http://zdp.zope.org/projects/zqr/ZopeQR for more details

>   <!-- do the deletion - this is the bit that doesn't work -->
>   <dtml-call "manage_delObjects('the_id')">
> What is the correct way to use manage_delObjects?

   <dtml-call "manage_delObjects(the_id)">

should work.  What you wrote looks for an object with id "the_id".  In fact
you want the value of the_id, which is evaluated for you when it's in quotes
(think of everything in quotes as python).

> Is there a way to get the
> name of an object's parent (or its own name for that matter) and use it to
> construct a URL?

<dtml-var "PARENTS[0]"> gives you the parent

> 3) When redirecting or linking to a page I have already visited, how can I
> force a refresh? I tried the JavaScript window.location.reload(true) but I
> think that is only supported by Netscape. It didn't work in IE5 for me
> anyway.

window.location.reload() works for me...

> 4) What is the best way to handle security with ZClasses. In my example I
> want the index_html pages to be public but everything else to require a
> password. I managed to require a password for a particular instance of the
> UAPage, but that affects both the index_html and the edit pages.

you can attach permissions to specific methods in a ZClass by mapping them
to existing permissions in the 'define permissions' management tab.



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