the best answers are those answered by yourself:
For all who want to know it:
you have to explicitely give self as an extra parameter:
concerning the example below:
just call:
and it works for me.
Weird, but now I can enjoy my beer....
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On 03.11.2000 at 12:30 Philipp Auersperg wrote:
I have a problem with pluggable brains:
1. Given is a ZClass named 'Merchant' that maps to a SQL table 'Merchant' with the columns 'ID' and 'name'.
2. I the ZClass I defined a Python method 'getName' with the body:
3. I have a SQL Method with "select * from merchant" that I bind to the brain class 'Merchant'
4. I define a Python method with the following body:
return rs[0].name
And now the problems:
That works fine, but when I want to access the Merchant's name through the its member function getName() with the following code:
return rs[0].getName()
then I get an AttributeError mentioning that 'name' cannot be found.
when I  change the getName() Python method to:
return 42
it works!
It seems that the namespace is somehow shreddered, I have to dig into that but if anybody can help it would spare much time!
So finally my desperate question:
How can I solve/workaround that problem to call methods in pluggable brains that access database-based members from a python method?
thanks in advance

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