I have a form that has multiple file upload fields in it (5 to be exact). I am 
handling the upload via DTML. Essentially this is a "publication" item that can have 
multiple formats of a file attached (PDF,  Powerpoint, Word, Excel, HTML). I would 
like the user to create the publication item (Zclass object), and then attach whatever 
format files they require to the add form.

The Publication object is folderish and contains which of the files they uploaded. The 
problem comes in with naming the files. I can't figure a way to get the file name from 
the upload field without getting the entire local path on the user's machine.

The following code works, if I manually delete the path out of the field in the 
browser (ie5) and just leave the filename:
<dtml-call "manage_addFile(_.getattr(file1, 'filename'), REQUEST['file1'])">  

However, I would rather get the filename, split it on the \'s, and then take a slice 
to get at the actual filename [:1] to pass to manage_addFile. The problem is, I'm not 
sure how to get this to work in DTML.

This is also clumsy, because in this case there are 5 file upload fields on the form - 
the way I am approaching it would require the same code to be repeated 5 different 
times. Is there an array/list of the file fields I could loop through?

Thanks in advance,
-Darin Lee

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