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> This zope method for uploading images to server:
> <dtml-call 
> expr="manage_addImage( id=title, file=file, title=title)">
> ...works great from a PC. But from a Mac (netscape And IE) it does not work.

Netscape doesn't work?  That's odd.  IE had some problems before 5.0, some
of which could be fixed in the Internet control panel (in recent Mac OS
versions) or in Internet Config (I'm not sure how deeply Netscape uses

Since the Mac OS has the benefit\curse of the forked file system, almost any
file on the system has extra data about it stuffed in the Resource Fork (ie
- information about which app to designate as 'creator', allowing you to
have JPEGs that open in different applications for example).  Most of the
universe operates on a single forked system, which contains just the data.
So there are sometimes problems sharing Mac files with the rest of the
world.  Usually it works fine as only the Data fork is used, but some
programs tend to botch the handling of this.  IE was one of them.

The settings to try to fix this are usually found in the preferences that
handle File Mappings (or File Helpers) (which lets the OS know how to deal
with incoming data).  It's a preference panel in both browsers, and can be
found on the Advanced tab of the Internet control panel.  Find the mapping
for .gif and other extensions or mime types you're interested in and look at
the settings for handling it.  There should be an option for how to treat
the data, with at least the two options of "Text" and "Binary".  There
should also be an option to specify whether it's Macintosh data.  **Turn
this option off**.  Make sure that the "Map Outgoing" option is checked if
it's available.  If the browser is working properly, it should only send the
data fork at that point.

This is broken in MacIE 4.x for images and text, but works for other file
types (like mp3).  I've had no problems with IE 5 that weren't fixable by
checking on my settings.  For file uploads, Netscape has never been a
problem for me since the file upload option showed up (1.x?).  But again, I
practically never use Navigator anymore.  This was the critical issue
keeping me away from MacIE, and MS finally fixed it in 5.

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