Hi Jamey,

   It's also possible (and i think maybe easiest...) to do this in an
external method. Alas..  this also requires you to be familiar with
Python (as was posted before...)

>>>>> "James" == James Sintz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    James> I have created a simple zclass product for a web based
    James> newsletter. Each day's newsletter is input into a form and
    James> added into the ZODB as instances of this newsletter
    James> zclass. My question is... how do I import 2 years worth of
    James> newsletters from tab delimited files exported from another
    James> database?

    James> I searched the archives and how-to section and could not
    James> find the answer. Is this possible to do?

    James> Thanks!!

    James> Jamey

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