I am missing the start of this thread, so I may be off topic, but you might
want to look seriously at Flash5 for the client side programming and


1. Flash5 ActionScript is _very_ close to JavaScript

2. Flash Player/Plugin is much smaller than SVG 300Kb vs. 13Mb I think +
large user installed base.

3. Flash5 has new XML and XMLSockets objects which should integrate nicely
with XMLRPC and Zope via some smooth Python external method programming.

4. Flash will allow _much_ more client side interactivity than SVG

5. You can port SVG graphics to Flash using various tools [or even write
your own].

6. You can still use SVG JavaScript and do some comparisons where

7. Flash is more mature than SVG, though I agree SVG is developing very
well. I expect we shall see some serious applications during next 12 months
with it.

8. Flash is very object-oriented once you grok to its design. Thus mirrors
Zope very well.


A. Flash has steepish learning curve, but high payback and reusability.
[Not as tough as Zope :-) ]
B. SVG is fully open; the Flash spec is 'published' but not open in the same
C. must be more but cant thing of them right now

If you are interested contact me - I have lots of useful research on this

- Jason

Jason Cunliffe = Nomadics['Interactive Art+Technology']

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> | David Nimmons wrote:
> | >
> | > I am trying to develop a web based interface to automation equipment
> (Allen
> | > Bradley plc's in this case) to use for an operator interface. I am
> | > SVG to develop graphics and want to use javascript to manipulate the
> | > graphics based on data from the plc. I am looking for a way to pull
> | > data from the server without having to reload the page. My question is
> will
> | > XML-RPC allow this. Or does Zope have some other mechanism that would
> allow
> | > this. Thanks for any help.
> |
> | Actually this is mainly a client-side problem, on server side you have
> | total
> | freedom to serve any protocol ;)
> |
> | Often this kind of problem is solved by having twho frames and data is
> | aquired
> | by reloading the "data-page" which then manipulates the
> | "presentation-page"
> | using javascript, possibly in its onLoad method.

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