The Doctor What wrote:
> At least I think it's an error (either in my understanding or in the
> book).
> First off, I think the books great. Finally something that's trying
> to explain what's going on.  Zope looks so cool, but it's been hard
> for a hardcode PHP and Perl programmer like me to get my brain around it.
> Anyway, my suggestion is that all the image URLs be fixed so that
> your book can be easily mirrored with normal web-tools.  Perhaps
> even offer a version that's downloadable.  When I went to mirror it,
> my mirror software choked on image urls like:
> The mirror was so I can use it at home where I don't have a
> reasonable net access (very flaky 56k, it hoses up frequently as
> it's through work).
> The error or problem that I have run into is that I can't get the
> Guest Book in chapter 5 to work.  They python method listed there
> does not work for me.  I'm using Debian Unstable (Woody) with these
> versions of packages:
> ii  zope           2.2.2-3        The Z Object Publishing Environment
> ii  zope-bytecodeh 0.1.7-2        Rewrite bytecode of functions to do unlikely
> ii  zope-pythonmet 0.1.7-2        Allows ZopeMethods to be written in plain Py
> That's bytecodehacks and pythonmethods on the bottom there.

This is an old version of python method.  You need to d/l python method
out of cvs in order to get the book example working.


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