possibly not the cleanest way of doing it, but this ought to do what
you want..

<select name="money:int">
<option value="1000">1000
<option value="5000">5000
.. etc..


<dtml if "money == 1000">
 This is not much!
<dtml-elif "money == 5000">
 This is ok!
<dtml-elif ..


Geir Bækholt

on Thursday, November 09, 2000 Stephan Goeldi wrote :
SG> I want to select from a select menu, 3 amounts: 1000, 5000 or 10000. After 
SG> this, the form action method should reply:

SG> - "this is not much" if 1000 was selected,
SG> - "this is ok" if 5000 was selected,
SG> - "this is very much" if 10000 was selected

SG> Now my form method looks like this:

SG> <form action="form_action">
SG> How many money?
SG> <select name="money">
SG> <option>1000
SG> <option>5000
SG> <option>10000
SG> </select>
SG> <input type="submit" value="checkit">
SG> </form>

SG> and the form_action method is this:

SG> <dtml-in money>
SG>    <dtml-if "1000">
SG>       This is not much!
SG>    </dtml-if>
SG>    <dtml-if "5000">
SG>       This is ok!
SG>    </dtml-if>
SG>    <dtml-if "10000">
SG>       This is very much!
SG>    </dtml-if>
SG> </dtml-in>

SG> I am sure that there is an error in my thinking of these tags.

SG> -goe-

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