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> | Greetings,
> Hola!
> | Now, referring to figure 1 (above :-), changes to security settings
> | for the acl_test folder are having no effect on access to index_html.
> | Only when I change the security settings on index_html itself, can I
> | control access to it.
> Can it have something to do with acquirement of permission settings?
> (The leftmost column on the security tab).

Hi Morten,
Yes.  It's acting as if those little boxes were not checked! :)  As I was
replying to Jeff in a prior message, the mystery goes deeper.  I grabbed a
fresh copy of the latest CVS version, built it, set a superuser password
and ran it.  I then tried to visit the default index_html "Welcome to
Zope" page and was presented with a BASICAUTH type login box.  If I
explicitly set anonymous View permissions for the index_html (Welcome
to Zope) page, then I get in with no login as expected.  That isn't
normal is it?  Root folder objects would appear to be having the same
security setting acquisition problems as I was finding previously with
sub-folders and LoginManager.

I realize I'm on the bleeding edge of Zope running the CVS version,
but I heard the 2.2.3 version is due out RSN and figured maybe a little
"new version" pain now would be easier than upgrade pain later.  I'd sure
rather be saying "Here's a patch" than just "It's broke", but alas I
don't grok Python that well yet.  ("It's broke" still offers *some*
value, right?  :-)

To the Zope developers:  It seems pretty clear that Zope v2.2.cvs is
broken in regards to security settings acquisition.  Should I post to
zope-dev, or is there already a sufficient awareness/understanding of
the problem?


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