Okay, I'm still staring up at the ZPatterns learning cliff as I write
this so forgive my ignorance.

I'm looking at ZPatterns WRT to 'dynamically generated dataskins'.

You what? Well, okay, I'll try and explain...

Firstly, I'm assuming that DataSkins (or their subclasses?) are
first-class zope objects, can be 'added', copied, pasted, have security
tabs, can be catalogued, URL traversed, etc, etc. Is that assumption

I hope so :-S

If it is, is there something which can generate DataSkins on the fly?
ie: in the same way an AttributeProvider supplier attributes to an
object, is there something like a 'DataSkin provider' which provides
whole dataskins to a folderish object?

Finally, and this is the important bit. Can one of these folderish
objects also _be_ a DataSkin? So, to word it differently, there is a
root 'DataSkin provider'. This provides DataSkins which are folderish
and are also 'DataSkin providers' themselves.

Why do I want this? Well, think objects in a tree where the
parents/children are stored as a list of names refering to other
objects. In addition, objects may have multiple parents, etc...

Any ideas? Where should I start reading?



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