* peter bengtson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [001110 10:40]:
> It's a give-and-take I think.
> I had the same confusion as you have right now, but after a while you learn
> this syntax pretty well.
> This is the same as with all syntax, and as soon as you have learned the
> basics the rest is easy and from then on a matter of learning how to use
> extensive functions and methods.

Considering that DTML is supossed to be for web/html writers, *not*
for programmers, I think that's not a good attitude to take.

I don't want web-writers having to figure out that to access a
variable, *that was being use a second ago with no extra syntax*
suddenly needs _[''] wrapped around it.  It doesn't make any sense
UNLESS you know what's going on underneith.

And since the whole attitude for Zope is, "do it right".  I'd say
this needs to be addressed at some point.


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