Only seen a couple of posts on this and the suggested fixes did NOT work.

My ZClass was working fine until I added a new string type property and now
my date type property seems broken. At least broken when I attempt creating
an instance via my custom add form. If I add an instance via the management
screen it works fine. I have gone as far as scrapping my custom form and
rebuilding it. I can't see any reason why I would be getting "Invalid
Date-Time String", especially when it was working fine. 

I'm happy post my code if that will help.

Any ideas??


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> On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, James Sintz wrote:
> > Did you ever figure out how to fix your ZClass problem? I have a
> application
> > I have been working on and and all of a sudden today I start getting the
      > same error message "Invalid Date-Time String" . The odd thing is
that it is 
      > only broken when I try and
> > add an instance from my custom add form. When I use the management
> screen to
> > add the instance my goLiveDate field works just fine.
> I've never gotten an answer. I figured I would work on other things and
> wait
> for 2.2.3 and see if that made any difference. If it doesn't, I'll make
> some
> more noise or dig in deeper and try to figure out what's going on. :-(
> -Tim
> Hi everyone, I've been working away on a ZClass-based 
> product that will provide a searchable job board for 
> our Human Resources Dept. here at school. Things were 
> going along fine until, it seemed, out of the blue I 
> started getting an error message about an "Invalid 
> Date-Time String" and a lengthy traceback. I'm wondering 
> if anyone can glean anything from the traceback. Is 
> this one of those obvious errors that I'm just 
> missing? I'm really puzzled. Any advice would be 
> appreciated. 
        > -Tim 

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