I have what I'm sure is a very simple question about Zope programming style:
I want to count how many objects are contained in the current container
object and then do something with that value, but I can't do the bit I need
to do at the point of reading the count variable because I am in the wrong
I can't begin a dtml-let because I would need to close dtml-if before
dtml-let, which is not allowed.

<dtml-in objectValues>
<dtml-if sequence-end>
<dtml-var count-id>      <!-- this is the value I want to use -->
<!-- this is the scope in which I want to do something with the value. -->

What is the "accepted" way of passing a value into a different scope? Do I
have do a REQUEST.set or is there a tidier way?
Also I think I read somewhere that you can use the object.subobject or
object.property syntax but I never got that to work, what's the catch?

One last thing, I sent a couple of mails to the list about problems I had
with manage_delObjects. I still haven't got it to work. Since the best way
to learn Zope is by example, I wonder if anyone could direct me to a sample
piece of code where a container of some sort deletes one of its children

Thanks very much for your help,


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