I might atribute any decline in this list to one of several things:

1. Documentation has much improuved, thus people can look up the answers
and not soly rely on this list.
        - Zope Book specificaly.
        - Training clases.
2. Many of the people are now way past the general skill level in this
list and have lost interest.
3. Alt. sources of info like: irc.zope.net #Zope

It's obvious when you see companies like www.cbsnewyork.com runing zope
that it is gaining in market penetration.


..... Jason C. Leach
... University College of the Cariboo.

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Max M wrote:

> From: Hung Jung Lu
> >From the mailing list volume in the last 3 months, it is not hard to see
> >that there is a steady decline. This compared to the trend of last two
> years
> >(doubling volume every year), should probably raise a red flag.
> My experience here is that the list isn't much help. It can be very hard to
> get a question answered!
> Especially when it gets out of the "Hello World" level.
> And when a question eventually do get answered it is often terse and hard to
> understand.
> It would be nice if more of the devlopers would spend some time on this
> list, as it would really save those of us still learning a LOT of time.
> Coming from the Python list this is really a big difference. If I have a
> Python question I get an answer very quickly from the top Python guys. On
> this list I hardly ever see the top guys, and it can be really frustrating
> sitting with a problem for hours or days knowing that somebody could solve
> it in a few minutes.
> I am using the 2 minutes rule myself. Any qustion that I can answer in less
> than 2 minutes I will. 2 minutes isn't to much so I can answer a reasonable
> amount of questions and still get work done. When I get better I will be
> able to solve harder problems in 2 minutes.
> If only somebody better would take 2 minutes to solve some of my questions
> :-)
> Regards
>     Max M

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