>On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, "Burwell, Becky wrote:

>> This working UNTIL I created a Folder named FOO. Then the 
>value of FOO in
>> the Z SQL method seemed to be the FOO folder and not FOO 
>from REQUEST.  My
>> workaround was to call the variable FOOCHECKBOX.
>> 2) is there some way I could have referred to the variable 
>FOO in my Z SQL
>> method without resorting to renaming the variable in my form?
>A sneaky problem indeed, and once again, one caused by "convenient" 
>shortcuts. (o8
>The simple answer:  use REQUEST.form['FOO']  to refer to the 
>form variable.

I just did an experiment and if I do the following my SQL Method:
   <dtml-if REQUEST.form['FOO']>

this is never true.

If I do:
        <dtml-if "REQUEST.form['FOO']"> or <dtml-if "REQUEST.form['FOO]=='1'">

I get name errors with REQUEST being unknown.

The REQUEST.form thing works in the DTML document that calls the SQL method but not
in the SQL method itself.


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