Thats another more efficient option, and if you are on Unix you only have
stop the Zope you are syncing to.

  Andy McKay, Developer.

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Subject: Re: [Zope] How to maintain an up-to-date mirror site in Zope?
(not-so-newbie question!) question!)

> Hi Alex,
>    If the changes that are made are always 'one-way' you could rsync
> Data.fs, or you could 'export' certain folders that could then be
> 'imported' at the mirror site. These could both be automated pretty
> easily.  As you noted, if you take the rsync route you'll need to shut
> down and restart Zope. If you do the export/import you can leave Zope
> running (though you may want to pack the DB afterwards.) Another nice
> feature of export/import is that you can have some parts of the site
> that are managed at company B and other parts managed by company A. An
> even better approach might be some kind of ZEO solution.. but I don't
> know anything about ZEO other than the name. ;-)
> -steve
> >>>>> "Bowyer," == Bowyer, Alex <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     Bowyer,> Here is the situation, can you offer advice?
>     Bowyer,> Machine A is running a Zope server for a wide-area
>     Bowyer,> network in Company A.  This is an Intranet site which
>     Bowyer,> changes regularly.  Machine B serves a separate wide-area
>     Bowyer,> network in Company B, and Company B employees need access
>     Bowyer,> to Company A's intranet.  The link between Machine A and
>     Bowyer,> Machine B is too slow/low-bandwidth for all of company
>     Bowyer,> B's employees to access A's intranet directly.  Therefore
>     Bowyer,> we want to have a Zope server on Machine B with a mirror
>     Bowyer,> copy of the Company A intranet.  The problem is, how can
>     Bowyer,> we keep this mirror copy updated on a daily basis?
>     Bowyer,> Ideally we need an automatic process to run each night
>     Bowyer,> and update the mirror on B.
>     Bowyer,> The ideas I had were :
>     Bowyer,> 1) stop B's Zope server, copy across data.fs and restart
>     Bowyer,> B. But can this be done automatically?
>     Bowyer,> 2) somehow keep a log of changes made in A, and at the
>     Bowyer,> end of day, export the changed files, import them on B,
>     Bowyer,> overwriting the originals. Can this be done in Zope code?
>     Bowyer,> Can this be automated?
>     Bowyer,> Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions on these ideas? Or
>     Bowyer,> does anyone know of a better way, perhaps an existing
>     Bowyer,> Zope package or solution?
>     Bowyer,> Thanks again,
>     Bowyer,> Alex
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