At 08:09 14.11.2000 +1100, you wrote:
>Have you had a look at what the filter method returns when you press use 
>"Test" tab?

The test (uid=*) shows me all the data from the LDAP server.
If in the dtml-method, I insert <dtml-var searchPerson> (where searchPerson 
is my LDAP filter), following data is shown:

[<Entry instance at 34436080; uid=LLAMPACH,ou=people,>, <Entry 
instance at 34436016; uid=JTHEIS,ou=people,>, <Entry instance at 
34437904; uid=mludwig,ou=people,>, ......

So, the connection to the LDAP server is ok, and the LDAP-filter finds some 

>You may find some clues there in the data that it returns (if you have got 
>your LDAP search filter typed in correctly...)


Marc Ludwig

>  - Michael
>Melbourne, Australia
>  At 09:32 AM 13/11/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>>I was inserting the "missing=&nbsp;" statement into the <dtml-var sn> key.
>>In fact, I don't get the key error anymore. But unfortunately, I don't 
>>get the values of the sn attribute either.
>>The method just returns me an empty line for every LDAP entry.
>>How can I access the LDAP attributes?
>>any ideas?
>>Thanks a lot.
>>Marc Ludwig
>>At 14:29 12.11.2000 +1100, you wrote:
>>>Hi Zopistas,
>>>Firstly, a big thank you to all thos epeople who helped me with KeyError 
>>>problem when accessing LDAP entries.
>>>Just so the solution makes it onto the mailing list archive (for the 
>>>next bunny who has the same problem) the solution was to add the 
>>>following to each of your variables
>>> that when Zope came across entries without that attribute it 
>>>didn't barf.
>>>I now have one last problem. I can now access all entries from the LDAP 
>>>directory using the notation <dtml-var sn missing = &nbsp;>- all except 
>>>one - the "title" attibute .
>>>I am guessing that it is because Zope uses "title" to reference the 
>>>title of the object in the zope database, and therefore won't let you 
>>>get at the ldap variable using the normal:
>>><dtml-var title> notation.
>>>Is there any way I can pinpoint the LDAP variable instead of the object 
>>>title in zope? I have no control over the ldap server and attributes 
>>>name, so I can't change it at that end.
>>>When I test the LDAP filter method I can see the variable (it lists all 
>>>of the attributes of the LDAP record), but I can't reference it in DTML.
>>>My filter method is called 'Academics' and just extracts a list of 
>>>academics in the biology department here at Monash University. I'm sure 
>>>there must be a way using python notation, but not being a python expert 
>>>(yet!), I could do with a few clues...
>>>Any ideas?
>>>Thanks again...
>>>  - Michael

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