Do a search on the zope site for ssl.

You'll find two very useful howto's - one describes the apache httpd.conf virtual host 
pixie dust using proxy and proxyrewrite
directives (you need to build apache with mod_rewrite and mod_proxy as well as 
mod_ssl) and the other has some details on
integrating the siteroot product to do the url munging in zope - be warned that the 
siteroot product can lead to some interesting
consequences if it isn't installed just right - it works a treat now but I would have 
been in serious trouble if I'd tried
installing it on a production site - get it right with a development site before 
bringing it over to your production machine
particularly if your dropping it into your zope root folder.

I just finished setting this up and found these two resources solved many problems 
before I encountered them (!) although there was
the inevitable headbanging needed to get everything just right....I ended up NOT using 
fastcgi although that was my original
intention. Right now, mod_proxy allows me to serve a zope running on another machine 
(!) through ssl.

In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Dustin Engelhaupt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>               I am running Zope 2.2.2 and accessing it through Apache & FastCGI. I 
>               want to access some of the content through SSL and some without. What 
>               have done is set up 2 FastCgiExternalServer directives in Apache. One 
>               the non-SSL area (/non-SSL/dir/zope) and one in the SSL enabled area 
>               (/SSL/dir/zope_ssl).

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