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> Hi,
>  Is there any dtml tags for creating a new work space also for locking
> some page.Locking some page in the sense for second user the operations in
> that page should not be processed
> unless the process for first user is completed.If there dtml tags for these
> kindly give me
> those tags.
> waiting for your reply.

Regarding locking:

Do you mean in the sense that if person A wants to edit a page (like a Wiki
page), person B shouldn't be able to update the page until person A clicks
"Submit changes"?  The WriteLocking project (see the Projects area on
http://dev.zope.org/) will include an API that can be called, even from DTML
(with proper permissions), to grant an exclusive write lock to a user.

If you mean you want to protect against two HTTP requests that are operating
on the same page\object from overwriting each other in process, the built in
ZODB\ZPublisher transaction handling that's been in Zope before there was
Zope takes care of this automatically.  A REQUEST->RESPONSE cycle is treated
as a single transaction.

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