First Part: Create Index

First, create the index "name of mymethod" in the Catalog.
ZCatalog can only index objects he knows of !
eg. use "find item to ZCatalog" tab, use the index method or use
CatalogAware as base Class for ZClass.
Additionally you have to reindex your object if its content changes (via

What does the ZCatalog for you ?
He takes your object, applies all the indexes that are possible, and reads
his data. (so were back,
you have to return something from your method).

This data is store in the Catalog itself, and not in the object.

Second Part: OR Query:

mmmh, did i get you right ?

I Think its this way:
1. Case: looking for a or b or c -> type 'a b c' as query string
2. Case: looking for a and b and c -> type 'a AND b AND c' as query string
3. Case: looking for a and b or c -> type 'a AND b OR c' as query string
4. Case: looking for 'a  b  c' -> type '"a b c"' as query string


Did you mean somthing like this ?

return self.Catalog(
               {'meta_type' :
                'rubrik_id' : self.id,
                'review'    : 0

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