good day,

create a ZSQLMethod ... let`s call it genericSQL
having your sql query in it, then do a

<dtml-if "genericSQL(_.None,_)">
   YES! There's some data!
   no records found!

in your DTML Method

not tested.
but should work.


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From: zope <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: 15 ноября 2000 г. 19:38
Subject: [Zope] DTML and SQL question...

>I want to test if there is some data in a table.
>If so, I want to perform some action, otherwise I wan't to print out a
>My SQL statement is something like:
>Select count(*) from my_table where my_field = something
>What DTML code do I need to perform that if-statement?
>Something like the following does not work :-(
><dtml-if "genericSQL(SQLStatement='Select count(*) from my_table where
>my_field = \'0\'') == 0">
>   YES! There's some data!
>   no records found!

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