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The New and Improved Python Method Poll

  We recently held a poll on about renaming Python Methods.  The
  poll turned out to be a bit of a disaster for several reasons, but at
  least we learned our lesson and this time, hopefully, we're gonna do it
  the right way.

  *Why* do we want to rename Python Methods?

    We want to rename Python Methods because they are not methods in
    Python.  There are already things in the Python language called
    "Methods" and what we currently call "Python Methods" do not look or
    act much like real methods written in Python.  To illustrate the point,
    Jim recently told me that he went up to PythonLabs to visit, and when
    he showed them Python Methods their reaction was "These aren't Python
    Methods.", and they should know!  So we have two choices:

      1) Change the behavior of Python Methods so that they look and act
         like methods in Python, instead of what they are now, or

      2) Keep the existing behavior and change the name.

    We discarded the first choice because we like the existing behavior, we
    find it useful for through the web development, and we have invested a
    lot of thought and engineering into it.  Changing the behavior would
    effect lots of things, so we decided to go with the second choice.  The
    second choice is good because it requires little labor, but it is not
    an *easy* choice to make, especially for us since we're all pretty
    biases and geek-headed.  

    This is where you come in.  We want you to vote from a selection of
    internal and community solicited new names for Python Methods.

  What was wrong with the last Poll?

    In the last poll, "Method" won "hands
    down":  But the
    poll was obviously a bit biased, no justification was given as to *why*
    we wanted to rename Python Methods and "Method" was mentioned all over
    the poll, it was even a choice!  To quote Jim, the poll was a lot like
    asking the question "Who is buried in Grant's tomb?".  Duh.

    Also, there were lots of candidate names, but with no context, who
    could really choose one?  There were no justification for names, and
    many of them that were fairly reasonable scored almost dead last.  So,
    we're gonna do things a little differently in this poll.

  How does the new poll work?

    *Once again* we will be soliciting names from inside DC and from the
    community.  In addition to submitting a name, we encourage you to also
    submit a one-liner description or justification for you name, it can be
    in any form, Haiku poetry, a Dutch sea-shanty, a Monty Python quote,
    anything *relevant* to encourage people to vote for your entry.

    We will also have a front-page blurb on the poll that you must read in
    order to vote.  It will describe the reasons and justification's behind
    the new poll, and why we want to rename Python Methods.  "Method" will
    not be an option, so please don't submit it.

  When is the new poll?

    The new poll will start on Monday, November 27th, 2000 and go until the
    following Friday.  Name submission are due by the Friday before the
    poll, November 24th, 2000.

  How do I submit a candidate?

    Send an email with the subject line "Python Method name candidate" to
    "[EMAIL PROTECTED]":mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED].  Your email must
    contain at least the name you propose, but it may also contain a
    *short* paragraph justifying why you think your name should be chosen.

    I will compile the list of candidates the Friday before the Poll
    begins.  Your welcome and encouraged to discuss possibilities on the
    mailing lists, but please, since I don't have all the time in the world
    to troll the list, if you don't send me an email, I will not add your
    candidate to the list!

    Thanks, and Good Luck to all!

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