At 11/17/00 09:04 AM, Andy McKay wrote:
> > But I'm confused about how to get rid of the index entry upon delete...

>You should just be able to do "self.manage_beforeDelete(..)" since you have
>inherited all CatalogAware's methods. Make sure you have CatalogAware as
>your first (left most) item in your classes inheritance.

This might be right, but I didn't try it because next Andy said:

>Do you really need to set the catalog again? Isnt that already set in your

I think I get a big "Well, duh!" here. Of course, if I do a 
"self.manage_editCataloger(...)" in my product's __init__ routine, that 
sets the catalog for the rest of the object's existence, not just the 
__init__ routine. And so I don't have to set it again in any edit routine, 
nor do I have to worry about the object's deletion.

Tested and working. Many thanks.

Dennis Nichols

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