At 14:59 20.11.2000, Lee Hunter wrote:
>Maybe the manufacturers of Spam send your company a lawyer's letter saying
>that use of the word 'Spam' on your website infringes on their trademark [...]

Now I got it. Well, nobody expected a lawyer's letter or the Spanish 
Inquisition... But then, the s/r is getting really complex, since you also 
wrote about possible Squishdot discussions with the "bad" word.

Maybe this s/r feature could be implemented in ZCatalog, so it would be 
possible to search in each and every ZCatalog-aware thing that we have on 
our website (not just dtml-docs and methods).
On the other hand situations like these should not occur too often, so I 
personally would prefer the XML-Export, 
favourite-editor-semi-manual-replace and XML-Import again.

I just wanted to express that this feature may be too hard to program for 
the (IMHO) rare cases that we really need it, but IF there are developers 
who'd like to implement such a nice s/r possibility, I'd be glad to install 
it - just in case lawyers, the Spanish Inquisition or Santa Claus are 
knocking at my door complaining that "spam", "witch" or "christmas" is 
trademarked by them :-)


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