In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Daniel Rusch
>I have been following this thread with mild amusement. Those of you who
>don't think that there is any need for a search and replace are being,
>at the least, disingenuous. Have you never needed to replace a dtml var
>that is on a hundred or more pages with another one, but replace it only
>on some of the pages???
>The lack of a search and replace, a find that actually "finds" a string
>on a page (instead of just the page) and other standard editor features
>are the reasons why Zope is being phased out of this companies (15,000
>person worldwide company, the worlds largest web hosting and fiber optic
>network) web tool set. 
I also would like to be able to search dtml-method code that I put under
ZClasses in my products. I can now after a bit of messiness with certain
'reserved' names (eg filtered_meta_types) get out all of the code in my
product using ftp, but getting modified versions back is a problem. A
source export/import to filesystem would be useful and allow all of the
traditional tools to be used at least.
Robin Becker

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