At 21:04 20.11.2000, Ron Bickers wrote:
>Someone suggested to me that when they used passive mode [for FTP Server]
>it would not crash,vs. using normal mode it would sometimes.

Yes, that's correct. But it is way too easy for malicious people to kill a 
Zope-Server that has FTP enabled. They just connect in regular intervals - 
say 5 seconds - and your service won't be online anymore.

That is why I disabled FTP support until I am sure that it will work 
smoothly in a future version.
I just checked the bug reports again and saw the following on :
    [1257] ZServer Bug: Ftp Active mode through firewall
    Category:                                Last Updated:
    Submitted On:     May 17, 2000 3:20 pm   Status: Pending
    Reported Version: Zope 2.1.6             Expected/Fixed Version:

Too bad that this does not seem to be a real problem for the developers. 
The bug is still alive (Version 2.2.2), and I am too dumb to do "real" 
programming in Python to fix it :-(


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