At 12:19 21.11.2000, Jan Van de Vyle wrote:
>The problem is I've got a website which should have an 
>admin-interface.This interface should only be visible if you call i.e. 
> If you call you reach the normal browse 

If you have Apache in front of Zope (good idea!), you should be able to use 
Apache's mod_rewrite to implement this behaviour. See
But beware! The documentation starts with "Despite the tons of examples and 
docs, mod_rewrite is voodoo. Damned cool voodoo, but still voodoo." (-- 
Brian Moore)

Maybe the easier module mod_alias could help you as well:

You have to split your URLs into parts and redirect to the correct location eg:
User types <>, Apache sees the 
"admin" and redirects to <http://localhost:8080/brightside/manage>. On the 
other hand: Is it so hard to type "/manage" after the url to connect to the 
management interface?



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