> Thanks for your reply, but the main problem is the navigation.
> The admin part is the normal  browse-version + an admin interface at the
> bottom of every side.
> So when you are in root/main/press and you click on the new button a
> script
> adds a new object.
> But how do I solve the navigation problem. The buttons to the other
> objects(pages) are the browse-version this means you leave the admin
> interface every time you change your position.

Just some ideas, not well thought out ...

What about putting
<dtml-if "REQUEST.environ['HTTP_HOST']=='admin.website.com'">
   <dtml-var my_admin_method>

in your standart_html_footer.
In light of the current search&replace thread, remember to
put admin.website.com in a variable ;->.

You could also play games with mod_rewrite in order to
add a spezial variable to your _apache_-environment variables
(ie. this should work when running zope as cgi, and only then) 

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   ^admin.website.com/(.*)   www.website.com/$1   [E=my_admin_trigger:on]

so testing for  REQUEST.environ['my_admin_trigger']=='on' should do the trick.

Or you could add this variable to the url like

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   ^admin.website.com/(.*)   www.website.com/$1?my_admin_trigger=on 

Perhaps the siteroot-product might be helpful, just in case your running pure zope,
I don't know though.


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