It sounds like the .deb of Zope (or the hotfix) you have is
misconfigured in some way... I think the Debian Zope maintainer is
Gregor Hoffleit... I'd imagine he'd be interested in a bug report.

But in the meantime, I'd suggest using the Zope source distribution to
install... it's actually not too hard.

1. make sure you have Python installed as well as the Python
"development libraries" (might be easiest to install Python from source
too here, but probably not required)
2. download the latest Zope source tgz
3. ungzip and untar it as a regular user in a directory somewhere you
4. run "python" in the directory (pay attention to the
password it gives you for the superuser)
5. wait for it to compile (report any errors you come up with in this
step to the list)
6. type "./start"
7. fire up a browser and point it at port 8080
8. log in as superuser and create a management account
9. close the browser
10. open the browser again and log in as the management user.
11. have fun.

Dany Rioux wrote:
> Hi listers,
> Until this afternoon, I was using zope (more like trying to use it) and
> everything was ok. I had some problems with the .deb SiteAccess but I
> fixed it by getting the real thing from and it worked. I added
> the latest Hotfix because it's a good thing to have. Then I restarted Zope
> but it never went back up again.
> The box is Linux debian woody with Zope 2.2.2
> When I try to start it up, that's the message I get:
> ---------<PASTE>-----------
> drioux:/etc/init.d# ./zope start
> Starting Zope...Traceback (innermost last):
>   File "/usr/sbin/zope-z2", line 535, in ?
>     except: CLIENT_HOME = os.path.join(INSTANCE_HOME, 'var')
>  failed.
> ---------</PASTE>----------
> I went to check the line seeming to cause this and there's a comment about
> ZEO:
> ---------<PASTE>-----------
> # CLIENT_HOME allows ZEO clients to easily keep distinct pid and
> # log files. This is currently an *experimental* feature, as I expect
> # that increasing ZEO deployment will cause bigger changes to the
> # way that works fairly soon.
> try:    CLIENT_HOME = os.environ['CLIENT_HOME']
> except: CLIENT_HOME = os.path.join(INSTANCE_HOME, 'var')
> ---------</PASTE>----------
> I remember seeing something about ZEO on but I don't remember if
> it was an update or whatelse but AFAIK I didn't installed and/or I don't
> use a ZEO client.
> Now, I'm a total Zope newbie. Ok maybe not total but I'm a basic newbie
> and I wonder if the Hotfix fixed too much... I tried to move the Hotfix
> directory elsewhere but that didn't change a thing.
> Anyone can offer help or maybe it's already been discussed. I looked at
> the list's past 2 months but came up empty.
> Dany
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