You need to use the same method as you would to create a user, manage_users.

If you look at the Zope Quick Reference you will see that it can take  a
parameter called submit which can be 'Add...','Add', 'Edit' or 'Change'.

If you use the 'Change' variant you can change the password as you require.

Take a look in <zopedir>/lib/python/AccessControl/ and then take a
look at the manage_users method in the BasicUserFolder class.



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> Dieter wrote:
> >Joaldo Junior writes:
>  >> Does anyone can inform if is there any kind of function,
>  >> which a common user can change your password by the same way a
> can
>  >> do in ACL_User?
> >Look at the built-in Zope API reference: User object.
> >The User object has methods to read and change the information
> >associated with a user.
> >These methods are (of cause) protected such that only
> >users with high priviledges can execute them.
> >You will need to set a proxy role for the DTML object
> >that calls them, in order to allow less priviledged users
> >to call them.
> >Dieter
> I'm sorry, I must be missing something.
> The API reference I have doesn't contain any such thing. Neither does the
> Zope book, before anyone else suggests that. The DTML on uses
> a method that isn't recognised by the standard User Folder, so no help
> there.
> If ANYONE has EVER successfully implemented a way for users to
> change their own passwords using standard 2.2 Zope then *please* -
> post your source code here or put a HOWTO on!
> It's a basic requirement of any system that uses passwords, but if it
> be
> done just admit it. After all, zope is still *quite* good without it. ;-)
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