Thiebaut CHAMPENIER wrote:

> The DTMLTemplate and PythonMethods products seem to provide this kind of
> separation between code and design, but I did not manage to get them working
> properly together:

they do provide this level of separation. another option to check out
with this kinda of separation are the hiperdom templates (search
hiperdom on, not quite ready for prime time)

> DTMLTemplate:  when I display a block (using <dtml-var
> "my_template.my_block">), the HTML tags in my_block appear quoted, should I
> use a fmt="html" or something like that to avoid the quoting?

when you switch to pythonish dtml ala " " you need to explicitly pass in
the args the method expects for proper rendering.

<dtml-var "my_template.my_block("_.None,_)">

> PythonMethods: how can I access Zope objects from my method?  Typically I'd
> like to call a template block from my method, but just using
> my_template.my_block doesn't work.

same thing i think,
return my_template.my_block(_.None, _)

> As you can see, I'm not a Zope guru, but I'm willing to learn!  I believe
> that Zope and PTK have a big role to play in the current portal and
> application servers war... ready to use portal-in-a-box products cost around
> $100,000... so for that price you can use zope and afford more consulting
> and coding services!

there are several other quality open source portal solutions. to name a

> BTW, currently I'm experiencing a problem: no images (icons, ZopeButton
> etc..) appear on my management pages, images stored in the ZODB are ok
> though. any idea where are those images like
> http://localhost:8080/p_/ZopeButton ?

there some stuff on this in the mailing list archives.


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