OK.. The new ZPatterns Example is up there....   now off to fix
some EMarket problems.... 


>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Spicklemire <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Steve> For those who are paying attention.... ;-) there are new
    Steve> releases of Zwiff and ZCVSMixin at zope.org. There will be
    Steve> a new DumbZPatternsExample later today or tomorrow...

    Steve> The Zwiff release has been updated with the latest patches
    Steve> of ming and now has lots of working examples. You download
    Steve> the examples, and the source files (fonts, sounds, pics
    Steve> etc... ) for the examples separately.

    Steve> ZCVSMixin just has a minor bug fix about comments in CVS
    Steve> log files.

    Steve> DumbZPatternsExample now has three interacting Specialists
    Steve> and better separation of UI, Domain and Implementation
    Steve> stuff....

    Steve> cheers, -steve

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