This confirms my understanding of Zope and Python. ZEO does not solve your problem
explicitly because ZEO is more of distributed way of balancing the load. This is
another ball of wax and ,in theory, it works great. But it has its own particular

Until someone conclusively shows, our build of Zope server is based on single CPU.
We would rather spend more time making Zope more fault-tolerant through use of
journaled file system and high availability.

Our experiences of supporting large sites have pointed in this direction.

Daniel Dittmar wrote:

> I don't think Python (and therefor Zope) will profit from a
> multiprocessor as there is something known as the 'global lock' which
> prevents more than one Python thread to run at a time.
> Things look different if you're accessing a database (other than ZODB)
> because a properly written database module will release the lock while
> waiting for a reply. So Zope would use one processor and the database
> the other one(s).
> Other possibilities:
> - you have lots of static data, then these could be served by Apache
> directly (which would benefit from the additional processor)
> - you have some very expensive operations (generating GIFs from data
> etc.). Then you could implement those in a separate server.
> Andreas Tille wrote:
> >
> > On Thu, 16 Nov 2000 Andreas Tille wrote:
> >
> > > we intent to buy new web server hardware.  We want to run Debian GNU/Linux
> > > on a Sun system.  I wonder if zope could profit from a multi-processor
> > > architecture on such a system.
> > > Zope server starts several threads.  So could they be split over the
> > > different processors automatically, can I enforce it or is it not
> > > possible.
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