Chris, I can't change all the other DTML Methods to DTML Docs... I
would have to have only 1 DTML Method which is unthinkable.

Now, I'm sure there's a way to force what I want to do. Either with a
REQUEST.set('[calling_document.Title]') or something real :)

Is there such a function? (I'm sorry, I'm still confused on how to
call things in Zope.)

As for the Ferengi rules of acquisition, at least, I'm pretty sure I'd
get some profits :) haha But, unfortunately, my ears are not as
erogenous as the Ferengies.  :)


> Make sure that the standard_html_header is a DTML Method
> and not a DTML
> Document.  Make sure that the calling document is DTML
> Document and not a
> DTML Method and it should work.  That way the header
> acquires the title of
> the calling document.  If the calling document is a DTML Method, it
> acquires it's title from somewhere else according to the
> Zope rules of
> acquisition (as opposed to the Ferengi rules of acquisition ;).
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, Dany Rioux wrote:
> > Hi, yeah, I know, it's me again :)
> >
> > I've got this snippet in the standard_html_header hoping it would
> > display the title of the calling document but instead displays the
> > index_html's title... Is this the normal behavior? I know
> yesterday it
> > was working... I tried refreshing the page but it's a no
> go. It simply
> > refuses to put the correct title. It doesn't even put the header's
> > file title... (something I guessed it would do the first
> time I tried
> > it)
> >
> > Any opinion on that?
> >
> > ---<PASTE>---
> >   <tr>
> >     <td align="right"><H2><dtml-var title></H2></td>
> >   </tr>
> > ---</PASTE>---

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