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Thanks for the comments. I'll reply other points in a few more days.

>as for distributed technologies, while xml-rpc is useful and simple its
>not useful (IMO) for enterprise programming, its too basic.

This maybe true. However, HTML is also basic and simple, but exactly because 
of its simplicity, it became widely accepted and used. On the opposite end 
is CORBA: because it's so complicated, there is no vendor out there that can 
possibly implement all its features. Trading powerful features for a wider 
acceptance at times does work.

SOAP is showing symptoms of becoming complicated. And that's a bad sign. See 
Fredrik Lundh's implementation comment for Python SOAP at 

>Posted Jun 08, 2000
>SOAP 1.1 is a highly modular and rather complicated standard. Supporting 
>every little nook and cranny is huge task, and since the specification is 
>still a moving target, we've decided to do this implementation step by 

OK. Even the guru describes SOAP as "rather complicated", what then for the 
novices? I personally went through the SOAP protocol spec today and I had to 
agree it's "rather complicated". SOAP is going down the path of CORBA all 
over again. It's becoming COAP (Complicated Object Access Protocol). If not 
because Microsoft is behind it, I'd dump SOAP right away. Due to its 
simplicity, I'd say XML-RPC is here to stay, SOAP or no SOAP. It's 
unfortunate that the twin brothers have to fare good-bye, but at the same 
time I am glad that XML-RPC split off to remain simple. Future servers will 
have to handle both: more work, but that's fate.

More on the other points later.


Hung Jung

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