I am working on a product in which one of the objects keeps an array. I've
already overcome the problems with making the array persistent (i.e. by not
using .append, but intead re-assigning the array each time). Anyway...I

So I have this object that has an array..A folder may contain several of these
items, so I loop over them in DTML like this:

<dtml-in "objectValues('My Object')">
  <dtml-var id>

This prints out the id of each of my objects. But I ALSO want to print out the
contents of the array, indented after each instances id. What is the best way to
do this in DTML? Is there as way? Lets say for arguments sake that each array
element is a string, how do I iterate through the array and print the
strings. Lets say each element in the array is anothe array (of 5 elements), How
do I loop over the array and pull out the sub arrays and print those five

Any help/direction would be appreciated, I've checked the docs and refered to
some sample products but I either missed something obvious (probable) or It's
hard..or something :-)

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