Stefan H. Holek writes:
 > I want to create a folderish ZClass to contain all my
 > project specific ZClasses. The idea is to only have them show up
 > when inside my projectfolder. Just like the ZClass object only
 > shows up inside a product's folder.
 > Well, when I derive from OFS:Folder I do get all the global stuff, but
 > _not_ my included ZClasses in the Add box. OTOH, deriving from
 > ZClasses:ObjectManager gives me my ZClasses, but _not_ the global
 > objects (DTML Methods, ...)
 > Deriving from _both_ gives me the behavior of whichever was named first.
When I remember right, the Add box is constructed by
"filtered_meta_types". Thus, you must give your ZClass
a method with this name (the correct name, if I do not remember right),
that returns the correct list.


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