Create all your ZClasses normally, and make projectfolder a
subclass of Folder. Then, move all the Factories (except the
projectfolderFactory) to inside the projectfolder ZClass. This
should do the same trick as LocalFactory.

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 02:38:42PM +0100, Stefan H. Holek wrote:
> I want to create a folderish ZClass to contain all my
> project specific ZClasses. The idea is to only have them show up
> when inside my projectfolder. Just like the ZClass object only
> shows up inside a product's folder.
> Well, when I derive from OFS:Folder I do get all the global stuff, but
> _not_ my included ZClasses in the Add box. OTOH, deriving from
> ZClasses:ObjectManager gives me my ZClasses, but _not_ the global
> objects (DTML Methods, ...)
> Deriving from _both_ gives me the behavior of whichever was named first.
> I have seen the LocalFactory product, but this would force me to move
> the factories and constructors out of my ZClasses. Its very existance
> though might mean what I want is impossible :( 

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