>>From what I remember, the TextIndex code wants to acquire the catalog's
 >Vocabulary subobject.  If you created your catalog without a Vocabulary (I
 >think this is an option during the instantiation of a catalog), this can
 >occur.  This is arguably a bug.  The vocabulary object should probably not
 >be acquired.  Do you think you can submit this to the "Collector" at
 >Zope.org (http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector)?


The catalog in question is the portal_catalog from the PTK which has
an accompaning Vocabulary object.

I will do as you requested and submit this to the Collector.


btw. I had to apply the following patch to ZTopic to rectify a
mis-behaving user interface.

--- topicEdit.dtml.old  Wed Nov 29 10:49:53 2000
+++ topicEdit.dtml      Wed Nov 29 09:16:02 2000
@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@
        <TD align="left" COLSPAN="2">
-       <input type="submit" name="../editSearchForm:method" value="Edit">
-       <input type="submit" name="../deleteSearch:method" value="Delete">    
+       <input type="submit" name="editSearchForm:method" value="Edit">
+       <input type="submit" name="deleteSearch:method" value="Delete">    

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